Bespoke coaching for Women in Tech.

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hi, i’m lucy grimwade

Leadership Coach, Podcaster & Keynote Speaker, on a mission to change the face of leadership by empowering Women in Tech to be their most powerful versions of themselves. 



“Lucy has enabled me to discover a few key learnings about myself that I kept hidden in my subconscious for years.  Like finding the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, I can now work on completing my life puzzle!  Was skeptical that I could find a root cause to some of my actions and reactions, but Lucy has helped me get there and I feel so grateful for guiding me to make sense of some of the noise in my head.”

Kim Gowing, Director at EXchange Consulting 

one to one coaching

Working with ambitious female IT mangers, leaders and directors to:

👑  Unlock potential

👑 Create game changing confidence

👑 Invoke self-awareness for success

👑 Shift negative mindsets

🦋 To transform and grow.

You may feel you don’t have the answers and you don’t know where to turn. That’s ok, I’ve got you and actually with the right questions, you can find the right answers.

As a private client you are an ambitious female leader and although you seem to have it all together, the reality is you feel like you don’t. You are coming to terms with how flat you feel in your career and it is starting to impact all aspects of your life. Work with me to can gain clarity about what’s next, develop a strong value compass, overcome what’s holding you back, and create a clear transformational goal.

in house coaching

We often see Females leaving organisations because they don’t feel supported or developed. I know, as a hiring manager myself, the cost and impact when staff leave. Often the disappointment of losing a good staff member coupled with the time, effort and pressure of recruiting – can impact the team and business significantly.

But what if that was all fixed by investing in the individual?

I partner with organisations where I coach their future leaders, leaders and SLT’s on a 1:1 or group basis.

As an organisation-sponsored client you are a People Manager and/or HR/L&D leadership personnel looking to invest in your talent who are at the middle-management level; senior leaders and your She-Suite. Work with me and you’ll develop your people or yourself to: unlock potential, create game changing confidence, invoke awareness and shift mindsets.

publications, speaking engagements & corporate work

With my over-arching aim to encourage and empower women to lead in tech career confidence and change the face of leadership – I write articles for online and print magazines, lead coaching workshops and can be hired as a speaker for your event and workshops. 



  • Reed Women in Technology Mentoring Programme
  • Women of Silicon Roundabout – Nov 1st 2021
  • Let’s Localise – Panelist 15th November 2021
  • Orcha
  • Yellow Eve
  • Excel Communications


  • Orcha

linkedin lives, blogs, podcast & youtube

More coming soon… 


“I first met Lucy at a technology for good event. I immediately loved her enthusiasm and energy and started following her on social media. We kept in touch and I later found out that Lucy was a coach and I immediately asked her if she could hold a few coaching sessions on wellness and personal development with my workplace! Lucy took everyone through various exercises and activities and was so patient and welcoming with the team. The feedback from my team after her session was that Lucy was really approachable and made everyone feel safe. We then invited Lucy back for a few more sessions! Lucy is highly professional and what I love about her is that she keeps her unique and loveable personality at the front of her profession. She isn’t like anyone else and I think thats what makes her truly unique and one of a kind. I’d highly recommend Lucy as your coach as she works very holistically and truly listens to you. Lucy is a breath of fresh air and every conversation you have with her leaves you feeling motivated”

Saira Arif, Programme Manager at Orcha

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