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I'm Lucy Grimwade


Personal Brand Coach for go-getting, ambitious and career driven Female Leaders. Taking a holistic approach by guiding Females to deepen their self-awareness, move beyond limitations, and getting back on track – with their personal brands for leadership success!


Embark on a process of personal brand discovery through one to one Coaching with NLP and CBT Practice.  

Personal Brand Coaching will provide you with the dedicated time, space and effort to sit with a ‘neutral’ someone to analyse where you are now. By working together, we can really define your goals and create an action plan to help you achieve them. 

Clients have gained direction, focus, and confidence from working with me -leaving them less overwhelmed and confused about their future. By exploring your values, personality, drivers and strengths, you can move forward with your professional and personal life armed with tools and techniques to continue to thrive.

The aim to Coaching is to HELP YOU understand what you want, the skills you need and how you can develop. As your coach, I will support you in making these initial steps. I engage in complex thinking with simplicity, to see your problem more clearly. I offer a safe space to be still, to think simply and in a future-focused way.



of Women in Senior roles, globally!


for every dollar a man earns, on average.


Less than 1% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women of color


why personal branding?

Working on YOU, is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation.

By not doing that, your current personal brand* could be harming your chances to get that promotion and/or seat at the table. 

*Yep, you currently have a personal brand – do you know if it is helping or hindering you? 🡢


How we can work together

1-2-1 Personal Brand Coaching

Embark on a process of personal branding discovery through one to one Coaching with NLP and CBT Practice. This is an immersive coaching experience to allow you time and space to discover, grow and sustain. To find out more, visit the Personal Brand page. 

Corporate Coaching & Workshops

Start adopting new ways of being and working together. Immersive coaching, created to spark curiosity. To find out more, email lucy@lucygrimwade

Speaking & Keynotes

SME topics include: Personal Branding (obvs), Coaching, Leadership and Women in the workplace. To find out more, email lucy@lucygrimwade

Anything else, you can find me on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Lucy is a trusted professional, that always makes people feel comfortable sharing information and insights – and is always at ease in sharing both her own insights and thoughts. She is also in her comfort zone both providing or receiving feedback. She improves dramatically anyone she works with – and would have no hesitations in recommending her to people who wanted to improve themselves.”

Dave Rice

Agile Focused Coach & Ally!

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