The mission isn't impossible

Creating and Delivering Change with People and Process


In a multifaceted way. Curious? Read on to find out more:

Hi, I’m Lucy Grimwade

Human beings are not one dimensional. We are multifaceted, curious and constantly changing. So, with that notion, I am proud of my  portfolio career which allows me to work to a mission of creating and delivering change with people and process with sustainable results.

With over 15 years in tech, I am a Service & People Design, Transition and Improvement Consultant working with small, medium and large businesses to delivery successful change into operations.

 I am also a regular speaker for female-focused conferences and events sharing actionable insight on self development. 

With a globally recognised Coaching Diploma, I am Self Development Coach for women. I run cohorts focused on developing self with sustainable results.

And finally, I also host a podcast empowering women who want more from their work-world. PowerMBA-er and a Dog Mama.