What women love about their jobs

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I was still interested to know, what was the one aspect of a job that women enjoyed? I did some further research by posting the question on the Allbright Connect platform.

I am part of the AllBright Academy which has a platform of free digital courses hosted on the app AllBright Connect, arming women with the skills and tools to achieve their career ambitions and more… I recently completed the ‘Smashing the Glass Ceiling’ which I found inspiring in both my career as well as ideas for The Wonder Blog and The Wonder Network, Marlow.

Allbright also has clubs (London, Hollywood) and host networking events – you can find out more about Allbright here: https://www.allbrightcollective.com/

So this is what the women had to say:

It was so great to see a reoccurring theme of flexibility – which I wrote about recently – take a look here: https://thewonderblog.co.uk/2019/09/10/womens-workforce-happiness/

What I did like to see was how caring women are. Being in a corporate environment, caring women are sadly too few and far between. It is more bitchy escalations then a ‘how can I help you be successful?’ – in fact I get more support from my male colleagues and my male team. But this is a different blog post for another time.

Words and phrases used like ‘helping people’ as well as ‘working with new cultures’ and my personal favourites ‘ work with my beautiful – souled brave clients’ and ‘witnessing a coaching client having that A-HA moment’ – to me that it is so important to help others out whether you opening a door for a stranger or just asking someone ‘Are you ok? Can I help with this project?’

The truth is, women need variety, flexibility and people paired with some freedom. Whether a freelancer, office worker or stylist the aspects needed for women to love their jobs are 4 small areas but gosh, they do make a massive impact.

What is the once aspect of your job you love? Let us know by commenting below.

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