The life changing magic of a F*ck It list

Lauren Mahon founder of Girl Vs Cancer did a talk at Stylist Live Luxe (Friday 8th – Sunday 10th November 2019) about the importance of letting go, giving less of a f*ck and how it took her being diagnosed with Cancer to get out there and do what she wanted! Her inspirational, hilarious and to down to earth talk inspired this post for The Wonder Blog.

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Lauren told us her story – going back to 2016 when she was at her doctors surgery and they told her she had cancer. At the age of 31.

Lauren had just started in a management position. She wasn’t married or had children (gosh she didn’t even realise this was something she wanted).

With this news, Lauren went looking for like-minded women who had faced cancer for advice and encouragement. Searching through Google, she found doomsaying online communities and clinical materials that were aimed at women were, well older, 50+. It didn’t speak to her, who she was or gave her the reassurance she needed.

Fed up of the perception that cancer is a disease for the over 50’s, clinical, and depressing, Lauren decided to use her experience to create a cancer beating crusade on her blog and instagram under the hashtag #GIRLvsCANCER. Lauren’s aim was to share the tales of her treatment in an authentic and accessible way in an attempt to tackle the cancer taboo and create a better understanding of the challenges facing those diagnosed with cancer in their 20’s + 30’s. Lauren also had £500 saved towards a holiday, not being able to go, she repurposed the money to create t-shirts with different words that are used to describe breasts as part of her campaign to encourage women to start checking their boobs.

Lauren finished with asking the audience to pinky promise that they would action anything they have been putting off and create their very own F*ck it, I am going to doing it list.

So where to start?

  • has there been something you have been putting off? maybe the dentist?
  • is there something you want to do? such as travel? or do a course?
  • are you struggling for motivation?
  • are there things you just need to say NO to?
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The takeaway for me was that it shouldn’t take us to get sick to figure out what we want whether it is setting up a business, having a baby or travelling the world. We are influenced by naysayers, frighten of failure and cautious of commitment… what would happen if you did just say ‘F*CK IT’ and did what you wanted?

“What if I fail? Oh, but what is you succeed?”

The Wonder Blog

Here is a sample of The Wonder Blog’s very own ‘F*ck it, I am doing this…’

F*ck this:

Goodbye Mediocre friendships. We all need to protect our energy, time and resources. For me, that means no more time wasting weekends out of obligation. Gurl Bye.

Perfect Parking. who cares if I am at a slight angle, focus on your own spatial awareness.

Comparing. It is a toxic way to live a life if I carried on comparing myself to my friends, it is unhealthy, mentally draining and does it even matter.

They are all irrelevant. And by acknowledging them, saying “f*ck it” and waving them on their way, you can free yourself up for more important things, like your goals…

F*ck it Goals:

Write more blogs. Help more people. Attend more networking events. Do the courses I want to do. Don’t be afraid to go out there on my own.

This things are relevant. Relevant to me. My goals, can become a reality and by letting go of things in the f*ck this list gives me energy, space and resource to grow.

Have you got a story to share? Have you got your own bucket style list? Did you ever just say ‘screw this, I am going to…’?

You’ve got this.

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