Behind the scenes

It’s been almost two weeks since I decided to put a pause on the regular posting on The Wonder. A true break, across all platforms.

It came at a moment in my life where I recognised it was time for me to reset, realign and regain. I had been living in the fast lane with my career, my relationships and my entrepreneurial ideas. Burnout started to creep in and then I received the ask to take furlough from my exciting IT career due to Covid-19. After the initial concerns and conversations – I grasped this as an opportunity and started to make a list of achievable goals for the coming few weeks.

I knew I needed to reset my thinking and approach to my side hustle. I didn’t need to scrap what I had been doing, maybe a few insta posts here and there however the foundations were already there, I needed to do a little more building. The reset meant a refresh. After a few days offline and disconnected from the virtual world (other than Netflix and Disney +), I laid out a few questions to get me started: What was I happy with? What wasn’t working? and who did I need to help me?

It was important for me to then realign with my values and start to apply them to The Wonder. Independance, Ambition, Flexibility, Equality, Compassion, Gratitude and Empowerment are all the things I stand for.

I also hold additional principles, if we can call them that. I have a passion for technology. I valued truth, intelligence and sophistication. I want to help others. Did my brand both The Wonder and Lucy Grimwade represent what I stand for and believe in?

I set out a number of activities to regain passion, enthusiasm and control. I had a path I wanted to take and now was the perfect time to start this journey.

Once upon a time…

The Wonder has gone through an evolution since starting back in November 2018. It all began as a meet up called ‘Coffee Corners’ a place for like-minded business women to meet for a coffee to discuss careers, put forward ideas and share knowledge. The ‘Coffee Corners’ soon transformed into regular networking groups, with regular members who soon became more than colleagues. Friendships started to form where we supported each other in our different ventures.

The networking groups have always been underpinned by the blog with articles written by me around a manner of topics from interviews to well-being. Blogging is a way to share my knowledge, connect with my audience and hopefully inspire the soul.

In November 2019, The Wonder’s purpose pivoted to a focus on career coaching with a goal to empower the collective with their careers and aspirations. Not only was this familiar to me but I knew I could really contribute in this area.

I wanted to help other women like me. Then one day, over a coffee with my friend Scott, who always listens to my ideas… Career Coaching for Women in Tech was born.

Over the past few months, the focus has altered as I navigated the change in climate in my personal life. From transitioning roles at work to Covid-19 – The Wonder also reflected the uncertainties. A few insta name changes, (side note: isn’t annoying that dormant accounts can still keep their names? I know it is the first come first serve policy which I hope Facebook/Instagram will review and change eventually). And then the changes service offerings, I wanted to do it all – create cultures, enable small business with tech, coach career women, host networking events and write articles 3 times a week. There was no wonder I started to feel overwhelmed, messy, exhausted and was burning out.

Something needed to change before it was too late. Then the opportunity arose from a crisis and I grabbed it with both hand!

The yellow brick road

As a self improvement enthusiast, I am part of a number membership platforms. Allbright, Nicky Masson Make It Happen and multiple Facebook and Linkedin groups. And not forgetting the Instagram female entrepreneurial space where I am connected to thousands of women sharing their journey and shaping the path to success.

I used this to my advantage. I asked for help. I shared ideas, was open to constructive criticism and in return I was supported – here is a snippet of some of the comments that guided me to the changes I made:

I created a Pinterest board, started to build a brand pack on Canva and drew out power symbol logo to apply the text. I didn’t want too much of a corporate feel yet still wanted to be taken seriously. The feedback confirmed I had got the layout right on my website – it was the content and mission that I needed to reset, realign and regain.

Feeling brand new

Confident with The Wonder purpose – I wrote out:

 “I believing in connecting and empowering women to unlock their potential to achieve what they might have thought impossible.

Career Coach Mission

Create and delivery one-of-a-kind career coaching experiences that fulfils your needs and enables you to find your purpose.

Career Coach Magic

Believing in the possible. Connecting with people. Understanding and showing empathy. Motivating others. Putting a plan to action. Asking though-provoking questions. Clear and concise in my communication. Enabling others to Solve impossible problems. Helping people find their zig to their zags.

Bringing it to Life

I am about relationships and genuine human connection. My journey starts with learning about you. I aim to inspire people to learn, develop and grow, unlocking your potential to contribute and achieve greatness. To do this, I constantly ask questions, challenge traditional thinking, imagine endless possibilities and never stop learning from each and every situation.”

My next step in my journey was to look at brand colours. From working with Lizzie Parsons – Image Consultant I established my own personal colour palette was a ‘Cool Summer’ – how could I incorporate that in The Wonder Women in Tech brand as well as ensure they align with my values?

With a colour swatch on one tab and colour meaning on another …

… The Wonder Women in Tech colours were established – Not too dissimilar from before just a wider colour palette to the original pink and black. I have used warmer colours to reflect my nature. I chose a professional view over a stuffy corporate image. Wholehearted colouring which I found to be less whimsical. Each colour has a meaning and I feel they represent me, The Wonder and what I stand for.

My next item to tackle was to incorporate my founded colours into a logo. It was important keep the power symbol with the squares. The power sign is to symbolise giving power, hence ‘Power your potential’ with the three squares representing the three pillars to The Wonder Women in Tech – Coaching, Community and Blog. Now the logo looks like this:

There was something else, which was bothering me. I read back through my previous articles, and although I had authentic intentions when I was writing and of course, my writing confidence has significantly improved since starting this journey – what tone did I want? Had I been someone I’m not? (Disclaimer, in some articles yes, I was trying to be like a news reporter. Heck I’m certainly no journalist).

It was in a style consultation with Lizzie that helped click a few things into place for me. Haters are going to hate. Knowing and being who you are is darn important. Among other discussions, from the conversation I owned the phrase ‘I am who I am.’

Thus, my tone of voice within my articles, my social media and when you speak to me – comes from my values and my soul- I will not overcomplicate or use a vocabulary that I am uncomfortable with. Sometimes, I might even swear. How I am writing this, is coming from honest, career driven, ambitious, passion for people, sometimes absolutely hilarious, love for life, tech and makeup: Lucy.

Hello it’s me

With purpose found, values aligned and personal styling in progress… The Wonder evolved with a clear direction, authentic purpose (and voice), and colours that aligned with values.

I am now ready to comeback online and pick up where I left off…

Thank you to Lizzie Parsons for the real talk. Nicky Mason’s Make it Happen fb group / community for the feedback. Scott for always listening to my ideas. My mum for the support (and social media advice) and lastly The Wonder Women in Tech community for supporting the journey.


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