How to empower Women in Tech to progress in their careers?

It will certainly not be a surprise to you that Women in Tech continue to face barriers when it comes to career development. Let’s look at the facts…

Did you know that Women in more technical career paths are more likely to leave both their roles and IT all together, compared to women in non-IT roles, due to the lack of support and training?

In Sam Daley’s Women in Tech Stats for 2020, the stats show:


  • 26% of computing-related jobs are held by women.
  • Just 3% of computing-related jobs are held by African-American women, 6% held by Asian women and 2% held by Hispanic women.
  • 50% of women said they have experienced gender discrimination at work.
  • 43% of Americans believe women create a safer, more respectful work environment than men. Only 5% of Americans believe men create a safer work space.
  • Positively, women’s earnings are outpacing those of men’s when it comes to high-skill jobs.


  • 40% of US businesses are owned by women, with 64% of new women-owned businesses being started by women of color.
  • In 2016, women only received about 2% of total investor funding, and women-led businesses made up just 4.9% of all VC deals.”

The gaps in the data strongly show the gender imbalance in tech. The cause is debated by many, yet from experience, the gaps are clear. Poor company cultures who still play the boy’s only club that implement team structure barriers, only promoting their mirror image. There is also the view of gender bias whether conscious and unconscious. And not forgetting the lack of time in support and coaching enabling women as our future leaders.

Kasee Bailey wrote: “Women-led companies have historically performed three times better than those with male CEOs. This trend is true with startups, too. The venture-backed companies that were acquired most often had a 7% share of female execs, as opposed to 3% at unsuccessful (unacquired) firms.”

In the research conducted for this post, the key theme is that women working in the tech space, that is traditionally male dominated, have access to fewer leadership development opportunities to their male counter parts.

So, I hear you. What are you, an ambitious and clever woman leader to do when you are not given the opportunity by your organisation?

Take the power into your own hands and…

Power your potential with career coaching

In a nutshell, career coaching helps you identify your career goals, develop a strategy with action steps to reach those goals, and provide accountability as you move along the path to achieving your goals. Career coaches work with you to guide you in clarifying your career purpose and values and aligning them with all aspects of your career journey.

When you work with a career coach, you’ll collaborate to develop ideas and create your vision and strategic roadmap.

As a career go getter or a budding entrepreneur, career coaching will help you learn to manage relationships better, the entire organization benefits from those improved relationships.

Empower your inner Wonder Woman

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It is always important to remember that coaching is not a replacement for therapy, nor is it a mentoring programme. Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do. The practice works on a questioning methodology to help you establish the answers with-in and arm you with tools to follow the path to success. It can also be an important part of a more comprehensive personal and professional development plan. 

Coaching can provide ways to improve your leadership skills, develop a flexible communication approach and aid you to build confidence, resilience and drive.

So, that’s the answer…

Recent research revealed promising data about coaching, especially regarding its potential to equalize leadership development access between men and women. In a recent survey, men were 50% more likely than women to say their leadership training was “very effective.” However, when respondents reported having received coaching as part of their leadership development, that difference almost disappeared.

The Wonder Women in Tech, offers career coaching that is designed around you: Whether it’s exploring your current options, developing a career plan, preparing for a promotion, a career change into the world of IT and Digital. Perhaps you are seeking some guidance to start working on self-improvements, stepping up into a senior position or exploring ways to navigate an industry – the coaching programme will help shape, empower and enhance your journey.

The programme will be tailored to you as an individual. We will have an initial free 30 minute phone call to establish chemistry, discuss any challenges you are facing, your understanding of coaching and especially hearing from you what you would like to get from the programme.

I will then send over my proposal, costs and time-frame for you to review. Once, you have signed that off, we start our first sessions.

To ensure you get the best from the 1-2-1 coaching, I may ask for you to provide 360 feedback from colleagues/friends and I will be setting tasks for you to do – as with all things, the more effort and time you can put in the greater the results!

Book your discovery call with me today – and we’ll get to know each other, talk about where you are now and what you would like to achieve.

Maybe career coaching isn’t right for you. So networking with membership groups could be the answer. The Wonder Women in Tech also offers a private Women in ITSM membership portal to bring together like-minded individuals to grow, learn and feel empowered. In this collective, there will be a weekly coaching exercise, bi-weekly calls, opportunities to have a 1-2-1 with either Lucy’s once a month as well as the freedom to ask your questions in a safe virtual space.

Types of job roles you might hold are Service Managers, Project Managers, Incident, Problem or Change professionals, Service Designers and Service Desk Leads. We do not discriminate on seniority, technical ability or aspirations and we ask you don’t either!

Interested? Contact me via the contact page to find out more.

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