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I recently wrote an article for Technology for Good around Online Courses for Mental Health Awareness and Support. As an ambassador, I really thrive on the opportunity to research different topics and share with the community to empower and enable.

It begs the question, have you thought about the types of courses you could do, to gain a better understanding to Mental Health or how you could manage your own mental wellbeing in a healthier way? If you have, I recommend (of course) reading the article. You do so, by clicking this link here.

As I said in the article, “with technology at our fingertips, making it so easily accessible to find the right course which is affordable and flexible – the saying rings true of ‘all you need is WiFi and a dream.’

There are so many benefits to undertaking an online course as well as utilising online content and tools. You can up-skill, gain-a-skill and re-skill across multiple platforms that can help transform your career or qualify you to start new direction. Learning a new skill or gaining a qualification is both admirable, empowering and exciting. With your free time, the world (wide web) is your oyster…”

You will find that some courses charge, some are free and some are fake – so make sure you you use known platforms before you enter your credit card details on their unsecure portals.

I have been taking full advantage of the extra time, I am finally able to start (and complete) the NLP Practitioner course online. As well as have Zoom conversations with the tutor who enabling me for success.

Here are my top 4 platforms for you to utilise, not just for now during Covid – 19 lockdown but resources you can use throughout your career (and life).

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning | The University of Edinburgh


Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy


Free training courses you can take to level-up your life


Jobs and Recruitment on reed.co.uk, the UK's #1 job site

What platforms have you been using? Lets us know in the comments!

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