Finding Purpose

Without purpose, what is guiding you?

It has been said that if you want to be fulfilled, content and thrive, it’s important that you find your purpose and live your life to your truest potential. Finding purpose, means finding your compass that can guide you through your career and life. Establishing your values to find the contentment scale. And, of course, building resilience to thrive.

That said, finding purpose in your career will open doors to opportunities. As well as increasing long lasting drive and motivation.

Jeremey Adam Smith wrote:

“For decades, psychologists have studied how long-term, meaningful goals develop over the span of our lives. The goals that foster a sense of purpose are ones that can potentially change the lives of other people, like launching an organization, researching disease, or teaching kids to read.

Indeed, a sense of purpose appears to have evolved in humans so that we can accomplish big things together—which may be why it’s associated with better physical and mental health. Purpose is adaptive, in an evolutionary sense. It helps both individuals and the species to survive.

Many seem to believe that purpose arises from your special gifts and sets you apart from other people—but that’s only part of the truth. It also grows from our connection to others, which is why a crisis of purpose is often a symptom of isolation. Once you find your path, you’ll almost certainly find others traveling along with you, hoping to reach the same destination—a community”

Thus, my 2 questions to you are:

  1. What does purpose mean to you?
  2. What steps will you take to find your purpose?

Finding your purpose with Career Coaching

Are you at a stage of your career where you feel trapped, underutilised yet overwhelmed?

Moreover, when was the last time you received a pay rise? You are frustrated that yet again you are being passed by for the promotion and you kick yourself for not speaking out. 

If only you had a purpose. Or even knew where to find it!

The demon of Imposter Syndrome creeps in, telling you, you can’t when you can!

Being silent in meetings, not raising concerns or being called disruptive when you do – the misery sets in.

Who knew, I say sarcastically, we spend most of our lives at work. Don’t we deserve to be in a career that we enjoy, that aligns with our values?

Being unhappy in your career will over time become worse. It will start to impact other aspects of your life from your relationships to your mental (and psychical) health.

I get it. You bury your head in the sand, you move from job to job and start to feel unreliable.

What we can do

  • Reconnect, realign and regain confidence with your values and aspirations.
  • Gain clarity and perspective towards your career goals and professional purpose.
  • Learn and gain tools and knowledge to overcome any negative thinking and limiting beliefs.
  • Establish what has been holding you back.
  • Power your potential to overcome the barriers.
  • Increased confidence, accountability and sense of career purpose.
  • Have a lasting approach which will help you sustain your success.

Take your first steps…

Book your discovery call with me today – and we’ll get to know each other, talk about where you are now and what you would like to achieve.