Should we be talking more?

Last week, I was on an Insta Live with the gorgeous and talented Saira founder of Dollhaus London. And as per usual, our conversation went from mental health to obviously world domination. We started on one topic, which then spiralled into at least 50 other topics from schooling, gender, race, life, love, business…

After our very public, shouty conversation on insta live. It got me thinking.

Should we be talking more?

And why aren’t we?

Why is talking about how we feel still such a taboo? Why do people still get labelled as a ‘wet lettuce’ or a ‘snowflake’.

Why can’t we talk? It is a way to educate? To communicate…

Last week I also posted my support for the BLM movement. I had made sure I had conversations with my friends, black, white and brown… And the theme of each and every conversation was of Equality.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, here is what I posted:

“Equality is a theme that has been driving the conversations I have been having this week. Equality is a value driver for me, so let me tell you this.

EQUALITY means the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

Equality isn’t quotas, tick box exercises or even just about gender. It is way more. It is Race, Sexuality, Disability and yes, Gender but not just boy vs girl.

I know I need to do more. More as professional, more as a coach, as a woman, a friend and a partner. As a white person. I understand that I cannot single handedly change the past, present or even the future. But I can hear you, I can educate myself and my peers. I can and will continue to donate. Not just money. But time. I can represent others in my brand. I can and will peacefully protest. I can share and influence on any platform I have today and hope for in the future. I will not stop the conversation. I will be there to listen, to learn and take action.

I wanted to share with you, a few responses, from when I got uncomfortable and reached to those close to me. This is for you to know, that your friends, colleagues, clients, followers – need you whatever human being you are to support and stand up for what is right.

‘And to be truely honest with you, I never felt like I needed to acknowledge the fact that you are white because it never mattered. If I were blind when I met you, I would probably imagine you as being freaking unicorn-coloured… ‘

‘Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “There comes a time when silence is betrayal. When you have a responsibility to raise your voice for change. That time has come”…. education, education, education…. ‘

‘Truth is, many are unconscious of how they contribute to this. Tears of joy are coming to my eyes as you are the first white friend that has personally reached out. I can’t express how much my personal respect has grown for you, THANK YOU.’

I am sorry that it has taken another lost black life for everyone to wake up. And to quote Beyonce – “we can no longer look away” 🖤 “

When we talk. We communicate. Amazing things happen. We learn, we support, we grow.

Talking is more than a chinwag on the blower with a pal. To me, talking is about communication and conversations. So here I am continuing the conversation, communicating with you asking – Please, lets talk more.

Missed the Insta Live, you can watch it HERE