It doesn’t matter if you take home £100 a week or £100 a day – saving money, although hard, is necessary as well as an enabler for you and your future.

As a disclaimer, I am not a financial adviser or have a qualification in such areas. But I am savvy, so wanted to write a post which might help you!

4 Money Saving Tips

1 – Do you know how much money you spend a week/month? If you have answered yes, then great, but if it is a no – this is a great place to start:

Download your banking app and make it a habit to check it weekly. What do you notice? Any trends?

Could your Starbucks coffee every morning causing havoc with your finance?

Let’s say, your coffee is £3.50 a day.

So let’s look at that: £3.50 X 5days a week = £17.50… £17.50 a week X 4 weeks (a month) = £70! … That is £70 a month on a 1 Coffee a day! So how can you still get your morning caffeine hit and save money? Easy! Either invest in a coffee machine at home paired with purchasing a lovely thermos flask (hello, also saving on plastics and paper). Or get yourself some instant coffee. Now repeat for all your other expenditures. Could it be time you start making your lunches?

Open up excel and capture your ins and outs! These are you regular payments that you are committed to each month. But hold on, what is that regular payment there £7.99 for NOWTV but you never use it? Time to cancel? And why is your phone bill so high? Can you get a better deal?

Although this is basic and perhaps time consuming you could end up saving money which could be hundreds of pounds a month but changing your spending habits.

2 – Saving for the future is about setting up your nest egg whether this is an ISA or just a plain old savings account?

Find out the best one for here but researching! Good places to start are with these:

3 – Do you have a huge credit card bill and money to pay it off, yet you just pay the minimum each month? We all do it! No shame, but if you have the money, pay it off NOW. Credit cards, in my opinion are for emergencies – now when I say emergencies, I mean a new boiler not a pair of Jimmy Choos!

4 – Do you know your credit score? There are so many free online tools which can help you find this out and are able to provide an in depth review on credit history.

Take a look at Credit Karma –

You are going to need to know this especially if you are looking for a mortgage!

In summary, the 4 points outlined are easy steps to get on top of your finances and help you save money for more important things likes holidays, houses and unicorns!

Comment below if you have any other hints and tips to help fellow readers save money for their future.