You’re at a stage in your life where you feel trapped, stagnant, bored yet overwhelmed. You started 2021 with good intentions. You set-out to achieve your resolutions but, by mid-January you gave up and just threw the towel in. Oh dear…

You are frustrated at yourself that yet again you haven’t achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.

You may have plan to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Apply for a promotion?
  • Build confidence?
  • Get back on the dating scene?
  • Start a business..
  • … a blog…
  • … a podcast.

However that demon of self-sabotage creeps in, telling you, you can’t, you are failure and one slip-up smacks you in the face. Ouch!

I get it. You bury your head in the sand – but where does that get you?


I know, it’s difficult to make a drastic change to your already embedded daily routines. However, that’s where the Transformational Goal Setting Group Coaching can help you succeed — by establishing your true goal, breaking down your larger goal into smaller, more manageable steps then creating actions to propel you forward that you can implement over a longer time period until your goal is slowly achieved, embedded and you are transformed. 

Over the last few months I have been doing a few group coaching sessions around transformational goal setting as part of my business along side my 1-2-1 clients.

The feedback has been so heart warming and I have seen amazing growth and improvement in every individual I have worked with.

I know that this model works!

I want that for you too!

This is why I have launched the group coaching. The first cohort will be in May and I will be hosting the coaching via zoom so I can interact with all individuals. I will be limiting the spaces to 10.

 Monday 3rd May to Thursday 6th May. The sessions will be for 1 hour + in the evening – At 7pm BST.

The agenda and outcomes:
Create a strong transformational goal
Build stepping stones towards that goal
Embed actions
Build in sustainable methods to keep you on track.

Throughout the session we will also explore
 Your blockers
 Confidence building
 And anything else that comes up for you.

Still not sure? Perhaps not too sure on my approach. Why don’t you take a look at my Instagram Coaching Series to check out my coaching skills.

What is Transformational Coaching?

Careers in Psychology states: “As children, teenagers, and young adults, many of us had big plans for the rest of our lives. These dreams are usually unique to every individual. For example, some dreamed of starting a family, some dreamed of having successful careers, and some dreamed of having both.

Unfortunately, as we get older, some people will take a good look at their lives and realize that not everything went according to plan. Many times, life gets in the way. Somewhere between each mundane yet necessary daily task, they got turned around on their intended path in life. A person’s attitude and perception of himself, however, also usually plays a part in this. Because of this, changes in attitude are often very helpful for transforming their lives and getting back on track.

Transformational coaching is similar to life coaching. It involves helping people bettering themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary changes. Instead of changing how they act, however, as with life coaching clients, transformational coaching clients work on changing the way they see themselves. This might involve changing their self-image, or perceptions about themselves and their limitations.

Individuals seeking a transformational coaching career should have a few important characteristics. First of all, they should be veritable expert in both verbal and non-verbal communication. They should also be motivational, inspirational, understanding, and non-judgmental.”


When we describe something as ‘transformational,’ we’re talking about something that produces a big change in or performance improvement to a situation. 

Transformational coaching is a way of working with a client that moves beyond the surface of the presenting topic. It fundamentally impacts on all of ‘who you are’.  It enables people to have a different relationship with themselves in how they see, think, feel and behave in situations as well as in their interactions with others.

Behaviour shifts are important if coachees are to sustain the changes identified in the coaching session; however, we believe long term, sustainable change occurs when an individual looks at a challenge or situation with a different mindset. 

Transformational coaching – coaching that works at the level of beliefs, values, identity and purpose – is likely to create this long-term change.

Fundamentally the coachee will experience the change in the coaching session through the experience of an energetic / embodied shift.

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