A career coach digital column with a modern twist. With a similar concept to an Agony Aunt columnist, who tends to give advice to people with personal problems and are normally seen in magazines or newspapers. Ask Lucy offers a modern and relevant solution by providing career coaching advice to give you direction and empowerment to make your own choices. The answers will be publish on the blog, LinkedIn and Instagram. For privacy, I will never use your real name and I do not obtain any personal information. 


  1. Submit your career question.
  2. I will review the inbox and pick one to answer each week. 
  3. The answer will be publish under Category and Tag Ask Lucy (see below) and linked to social media Instagram & Linkedin #AskLucy.


Hi, I’m Lucy, Senior IT Manager, Coach and Mentor. I established my business – a global, Professional Development Coaching Practice in 2018. This was after following my own journey with career challenges as a middle-to-senior manager as well as overcoming blockers and barriers that held me back. A flavour of everything I learned and gained in my corporate career and the educational journey I embarked on. My Coaching Practice represents my ambition and values in life: empowering and enriching females in their professional development, amplifying potential, driving for equality and changing the face of leadership.

You can read more about me here. 


I love to create content but I felt I was becoming a slave to the algorithms and the hashtags. So I fell out of love with social media for a while and had a social media detox. After taking a break, I came up with the concept of creating content driven by the my audience. The whole purpose to my brand is about empowering and support professional women. So Ask Lucy was born. Offering free coaching advice to a specific career problem. And hopefully enriching all professional women globally.