Dear Lucy, I have been doing my role now for almost 2 years in a CRM/Sales capacity. Due to Covid and company restructures, my workload has increased sufficiently which is great I love being busy. I have taken on all this additional work and well, I just feel that I am not being rewarded or recognised for the work I am doing. I am still on the same salary when I joined and I don’t know what to come across negatively. The truth is, I would like my salary to be reviewed but how do I go about asking for an increase?

From ‘How do I ask for a payrise?’

Hello how do I ask for a payrise. I often hear this dilemma from clients and friends. Even as a line manager, there have many times where I have had team members approach me for a payrise. Although it sounds like you have been taking on a additional work and seem to be enjoying it – you feel that you are not being recognised for it in the form of pay. Is there any else that recognition could be for you? Also, how would you come across negatively asking for the money you feel you deserve? So, how do you ask for a payrise? Before you approach your line manager, I have a few questions for you to consider:

  1. What has been your key success over the 2 years? As you are in a sales role, have you increased profits in your areas?
  2. Do you do anything additional to your role?
  3. What is your current feedback from your peers? If you don’t know, don’t be afraid to ask – there is simple 360 method – what should I start doing, what should I stop doing? and what I continue to do.
  4. What are your non-negotiables?
  5. Do you have a figure in mind? What are your peers with-in the industry being paid?

Once you have worked through the 5 questions, have them ready for the conversation and have it ready whether in an email of a slide deck. Going into a conversation around money prepared will keep you strong and you’ll have evidence to back your ask. Be prepared for the ‘we need time to review this’ and if it is a no – reply with a what do I need to do and agree a date for the next review. Good Luck!

From Lucy Grimwade

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