When you hear the term ‘personal brand’ – do you freeze like a rabbit in headlights? Who? What? Me? Branding?

Yep. I get it, I used to, too.

Personal branding just freaked me out. It seemed like a lot of work. I mean A LOT OF WORK. And, jee it was going to get deep.

Questions like ‘who even am I?’ started to creep into my mind.

Yes, it is work. Yes, it can go deep. But heck, it is so worth it.

In this article, discover what it means to have a personal brand, how to use it and where to take it.

How will you use your personal brand to elevate your career?

Personal brand – Let’s break it down.

⚡A personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

⚡It is also the gravitas you have when you enter that same room.

⚡It is more than the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception.

⚡Personal branding is positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

⚡It is elevating your credibility.

⚡It is how you are differentiating yourself from the colleague next to you.

All this to ultimately advances your career, network, making a larger impact to your industry and creating your own opportunities.

Your personal brand should be about being authentic, showing up consistently and empowering yourself and others. (More on that later.)

Believe it or not, but you already have a personal brand (of sorts) which you have been building overtime. Take a look at your feedback from PDPs over the years, what do you notice? Both good and bad.

‘Good communicator?’ ‘Often doubts themself?’ – It has been there right in front of you all this time. Is it what you expected? Is it good, great, excellent or needs improvements? Does it give you opportunities or is it hindering you?

But why?

Working on YOU, well, it is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation.

But first you need a foundation.

Whereas some self-help practices focus on self-improvement, personal branding work defines success within your career (as well as life in general).

Listen, your personal brand is how you promote yourself. And don’t cringe at the term ‘promote yourself’ – I see you.

It is the unique cocktail mix of



🍸and personality

That you want (and need) the world to see.

It is the telling of your story.

Sharing your narrative.

And, the impression people gain from your presence.

🔑This is also the key to your professional success as it revolves around how you present yourself.

It gives you the chance to emphasise your strengths and passions to help set you apart from everyone else and make sure that people see you in the way you want them to see you. It also helps people to feel as if they know you better which helps to increase your trustworthiness (even if they have not even met you in person).

That’s why!

I like to call it an AACE personal brand

Being authentic matters.

I’ll repeat that. Being. Authentic. Matters.

Although a great place to start is by doing research, reviewing how others show up to the world. It is important that you uncover your own overarching personal brand and image! Aim to get the big-picture clarity on who you truly are and where you would like to be.

Be the authority in your field. To achieve this, make sure you are well informed. Talk about what you know. Write articles, network and be brave.

Underlying consistency is the secret behind creating a successful personal brand. Consistently showing up at work, online and with friends will start to build that ‘what people say when you are not in the room.’

Empowering yourself will create the opportunities. Once you know who are, where you are going and what people say – be ready for the opportunities that will be coming your way.

So, what else?

Each interaction you have with others has the opportunity to create a memorable experience, teaching them what they can expect from you.

When you’re consistent in delivering those experiences, you build a strong reputation. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently across a wide audience helps open doors to opportunities.

Your personal brand becomes your personal calling card—a unique promise of value; a distinct and authentic representation of you. In building your personal brand, you will define your individuality, maximise your strengths and manage your choices now to create future opportunities.

10 questions to get you started on your personal

  1. What are your values?
  2. Create a list of strengths?
  3. What are the things you are interested in?
  4. Why should someone hire you?
  5. Where do you need to do improve on?
  6. What object could you use to give a visual to your meaning? (Start a vision board)
  7. What other brands do I like? Why?
  8. What brands do I hate? Why?
  9. If someone looked at your LinkedIn page, what would they know about you?
  10. Does how you dress mirror who you are?

Online resources

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Kubi Springer – I am my Brand

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