My passion for podcasts started about 3 years ago. I had always been a Beyoncé, Radio 1/1Xtra and the odd Radio 4 News session type listener. I was driving, a lot. In and out of London and I wanted something to enrich my mind as there was only so far that knowing all the lyrics to all Queen B’s songs would take me.

I started off listening to BBC Sounds then explored further into Spotify where I found: The Success Revolution by The Step Up ClubSecret of Wealthy Women by WSJ and of course How to Fail with Elizabeth Day.

Something that struck me was how powerful and empowering it was to listen to successful women and men talking about their journeys from failure and heartbreak to change and success. However, all the amazing guests were either celebrities, established business players or gold-medallist athletes. Great for inspiration and the odd bit of gossip but at times not all that relatable.

I wanted something that was a little bit more raw. Perhaps even real? Something my colleagues, clients, friends and family could listen to but also learn from as well.

💡 Lightbulb moment… Speak Female was born

I was having a virtual coffee with my friend Rachel Forcella. Discussing the usual world domination when something she said resonated with me. ‘It is your business. So it’s your rules. You have something to say!’

What was really stopping me from launching a podcast? Ha!.. well, apart from the fear of judgement from others, technically how I would do it and of course content. But I didn’t let that get in my way. I am a strong female and a coach and a Manager… so no excuses were welcome.

Luckily, I host my website via WordPress. They make it super easy to launch a podcast. After reading their guide, sorting an RSS feed and getting creative on Canva. I was up and running with a podcast. (Find out more about podcasting via WordPress here.)

Next up, content. As a serial networker with established relationships, all I had to do was ask around and I secured my first guests for my first season.

So… November 2020, I launched the Speak Female Podcast with the mission of empowering women around the world to become more confident and to listen to real subjects they can relate to. 

But why call it Speak Female?

Good question and I never get asked this. I wanted to talk about real, raw and gritty subjects. That specifically women face day to day. Not to make people feel uncomfortable but to shine somewhat of a light on raw emotion and challenges. In my mind, I wanted it to be about females speaking their truths.

So I settled on Speak Female with the definition: changing the meaning around words and phrases that are associated with women or in-fact have a negative association. It is about how we can and will edit the narrative to build a more understanding, diverse and balanced world and work place.

The Seasons of Speak Female

The first season of Speak Female was about about ambition and at times it was a bit trial, error and succeed. Subjects included miscarriage, women in tech and being a female entrepreneur. The feedback was incredible and the support was breath-taking. I was also surprised about how many male listeners found the podcast useful.

The second season, which is out this month is all about Female Empowerment & Leadership so at the end of each episode I read out a quote that has been selected by my guest!

The Podcast this season had a bit of a facelift. So newish art work and statement: The Podcast that is on a mission to empower women and educate allies around the world to become more confident, knowledgeable and to have the opportunity to listen to real subjects they can either relate to or learn something from.

I also introduced a new in-between coaching episode that includes NLP, CBT and traditional coaching questions! This is to give listeners a short taster of coaching.

Season 3… oh yes, that will happen.

Feeling proud

A colleague of mine was listening to Speak Female the other day and she turned to her husband and said with pride ‘I personally know the host!’

By enriching the listeners and receiving comments and feedback is the true gift of Speak Female. I feel incredibly proud of my achievement and progress I have made with this project. And I cannot wait to continue to grow personally, professionally and podcast-ly.

Now, listen ‘ere

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A Special Thank You

To Rachel for inspiring me. To Nat Holley for editing. To Scott, David and Ian for being my allies. To my Mum who is my biggest cheerleader. To Abi for always sharing my content and supporting me. To my 3 bosses at Selfridges for being forward thinking. To my amazing guests for their wisdom. And finally, thank YOU for listening.