Behind every personal brand, there is a personal brand story.

On the outside, I know people see (I hope) a strong, independent, successful and kind woman. But that wasn’t always the case and I wasn’t always this comfortable and confident. After years of CBT, Counselling, Coaching and dedicating time to work on myself. I built LGC, carved a career path and living a good life. And…My personal brand is perhaps the strongest it has ever been.

Here’s the back (personal brand) story.

Personal Brand Story: Timeline

November 2021

As I sipped my Champagne, I felt delighted. It was my birthday and I was reflecting over the last 10 years – How did I get to this point? And, Oh Man, how I wished I had known some of this sooner. Over the course of the last 3 years I have created a mission, values, style and finally understood me!

🍾Mission: is support, guide and encourage people to be their most powerful versions of themselves.

⚡3 core values are justice, empathy, integrity.

🎉Freak factor: I am woman in tech. Thus I have lived experience as well as the top qualifications to deliver outstanding coaching and support.

📣Colours: Cool Summer. Greens, Pinks, Navys, Reds.

💁‍♀️More about me here.

July 2021

I landed my dream job at Virgin Media O2 – Working on Continual Improvements, whilst being part of a leadership team for both my role and the Women’s Network. As part of my role I also have dedicated time to coach team members. My line manager also knows about LGC, Speak Female Podcast and the keynote speaking – and guess what – encourages and supports me!

A different industry. But an industry and role that will aid my personal brand and strategy.

P.S: They held this role open for me and I was able to negotiate a great package.

3 Years

After a year at Harrods, I decided I didn’t want to extend my stay and ended up (after being pitched to) at Selfridges. This gave me another big pay rise. I started to see what my personal brand was all about. I was starting to see where I was going. There are things that I that didn’t sit right with me but I learnt a lot from my experience in high-end retail and have been so fortunate to have fantastic roles – The industry as whole didn’t align with my own values. (Which I only knew because of the coach I worked with and the work I was doing on and for myself).

4 years ago

With-in a year I had started CBT and started reading and educating myself around the mind and learning about myself. I had landed a fantastic opportunity working at Harrods with a significant pay increase. I still wasn’t 100%, but I was getting there. It whilst working at Harrods that I came up with the idea of a business and how I could help other women, like me, to become their most powerful versions of themselves.

5 Years ago

Time had progressed. But had I? I was now in a role that gave me some opportunity but the pay was poor. I was still pretty miserable. What was I doing? Where was I going? Why did I feel like a fraud? The feedback I received was almost a false positive – ‘don’t doubt yourself’ and ‘be more assertive.’ Where did I stand? Although now in a relationship, I still felt lonely and unsure where I was going. I might be smiling but hidden beneath was something pretty grey. I always covered up, whether a baggy top or a long-sleeved shirts, I was hiding. But from what? I knew I needed to make a change and started working on myself.

10 years ago

I was in Barcelona. Instead of drinking sangrias and enjoying myself – I felt miserable, consumed by stress and burnout. My face was puffy from the caffeine, alcohol and late nights. I was working 10+ hour days. Trying to get a head in my career. It was at this point I experience the gender pay gap. I was being paid at least 15K less than my male counterpart. I was miserable. Underpaid. Single. Lonely. I had no idea to who I was, am or going to be.

What I learned from my experience

Life lessons are sometimes hard to swallow but so needed for us to get better. Over the years, I haven’t always enjoyed my work. I struggled with finding the answers. And I put way too much pressure on myself. This is exactly why I created the PowHERful Personal Brand Programme – I don’t want you to take 10 years to get to where I am, when we could do all the foundation work in 6 months and then you have the rest of life to evolve.

I hope my story resonated with you.

About the Programme

Together, we can uncover your PowHERful Personal Brand, revealing your goals, creating an authentic, consistent and empowering personal purposeful brand!

The programme spans across 6 months.

1-2-1 session & a 15 minute check-in each month.

Workbooks include to help guide the journey.


⚡ Getting to know you: Who you were, who you are and who you are going to be: Creating a mission statement and understanding values.

⚡Themes and Elevator Pitch: How you introduce yourself, how you come across, uncover areas you may need to work on and … ‘What else questioning.’

⚡ Your Image: Finding the right colours, authentic styles, authority language and your persona & reputation.

⚡ LinkedIn & Social Media & Real life: How you are showing up to the virtual world & to your day to day life.

⚡ How to put your learnings into practice.

⚡ How to keep what you have gathered sustainable and scalable.

This programme is for you if:

🎉 You are looking to become more visible at work.

🎉 You are going for or just had a promotion.

🎉 You want to be recognised in your field.

🎉 You want to create opportunities for yourself.

🎉 You want to lead by example

🎉 You want to develop your self-awareness  

If you said yes to at least one of the above, then this programme is for you!

Results are in…

At the end of the programme the result are:

✨Clarity and self awareness

✨Professional progression steps

✨ Techniques/tools to use for life. 

Your investment 

£1,800. Payment Plans available. Cancel anytime. T&C’s Apply.

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