I am officially a month in to my challenge. And, I have a confession to make…

I had to buy some new knickers. Doh!

Here me out. We moved house and over the last few months I have been sorting and shifting clothes, shoes and make-up. Either recycled, gifted, donated or sold. We actually found a fantastic charity in High Wycombe called Central Aid: https://www.central-aid.org.uk – where we have donated decent and fairly new duvets, pillows and beds. We also donated our old towel to Stokenchurch Dog Rescue.

Anyway. I am going off piece. I ended up recycling my old knickers, like the elastic had gone etc. At the tip, there is a textile bins, I did check first… So I was running a bit short, so I had to buy some.

However, there has been a few wins… I went to Bicester Village today. And I didn’t go into any of the shops that I would normally and it was so painful. But at the same time, I felt pretty proud of myself. I already knew I had my slip up and I didn’t want to make the damage worst.

I also haven’t looked at the sales. I deleted all apps. And I removed all emails/unsubscribed.

Until next month!

Lucy x