We need to attract and retain Women in IT Roles. And we need to start today!

This is the responsibility of all organisations.

Companies need to create a culture where equality is at the heart of their value system. Which means creating internal groups like Women in Tech or Diversity in Tech, to give a fair platform for their staff.

Organisations can educate themselves on diversity topics by allowing their staff to:

  • Attend and have a presence at networking events.
  • Be involved in think tanks and hackathons.
  • Invest by bringing in expert companies and people to coach their staff.

With so many resources, there really is no excuse for ignorance.

Companies need to be transparent with regards to pay, use gender neutral language on job specs and use their social media platforms to market their own women in tech forums.

Management need to support personal development. I recently read that women working in non-technical IT roles are not given the opportunity to progress into technical roles. As a result, women are leaving both the company and IT all together!

Learning and development is key to empowering teams, growing an individual and the success to an organisation. By ensuring and securing budget for training and opening channels for staff to learn technical and industry skills – this will be the start of a journey for many to follow.

We need to collaborate as diverse teams, no more HE Vs SHE

The most successful teams are of those who have a gender balance.

There is no escaping the fact that all people bring different energies to the table.

We need allies to help break down the barriers. Allies to support the journey. To walk the journey with us.

In my most recent career, I have been given many opportunities by males. I was hired by Tim. Supported by Ski. Coached by Jim and now progressed by Matt. My early career, the story was very different. From being the one who was always asked to make the tea to seeing a colleague of mine, who joined the same company, at the same time and in the same role – within our first year, he received bigger bonuses and was given better opportunities.

Women in Tech said in their article ‘The tech sector used to be stereotyped as a ‘man’s domain’, but not anymore’ – “Gone are the days when women were discouraged from pursuing a technical career. While there is still a lack of equal representation, it’s clear that it is steadily improving. A recent survey of tech professionals by Anderson Frank found that, although only a third of respondents were female, there was actually a six percent rise in the number of female participants compared to last year.

In the survey, only one in 10 of the overall respondents felt that more could be done by their employer to be an equal rights employer. And the good news is women are starting to be better represented at board level too — the data found that 66% of respondents believed there was an equal representation in the boardroom.

Bloomberg’s 2016 Pay Index also indicated that the technology boom has allowed women to be more prevalent than ever in C-level positions, with the likes of Yahoo, Xerox and IBM all being headed by female executives.”

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And, although it has been reported that the UK gender pay gap will not close until 2069, especially under current Covid-19 circumstances. The representation of women in IT and digital roles has been increasing, (as per above)… Yet, there are still generations to come to continue to fight our Women in Tech battles before we see such a diverse change.

However, if start to think outside of our boxes and we work together, I believe we could start to change the face our IT departments. Our leadership role models. And, our world.

This article was taken from my very own LinkedIn article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rise-fall-women-digital-ways-create-change-lucy-grimwade/