How Coaching Can Help Women Get Ahead in the Tech Industry

“Women in technology face well-known barriers to career development. Only 25% of “computing” professionals are women, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology, and the percentage shrinks moving up the corporate ladder. In fact, only 11% of executives at Silicon Valley tech companies are women. And the numbers for women of color are even worse.

The causes of this imbalance are many and still debated. They include bias (both conscious and unconscious), structural barriers, and organizational culture. In addition, research has found that women working in traditionally male-dominated industries and functions (like technology) have access to fewer leadership development opportunities than men in those fields.

As a result, while 80% of women in science, engineering, and technology report “loving their work,” the female attrition rate in such fields is higher than it is for men. In “high-tech” industries, they leave at more than twice the rate as men (41% compared to 17%).

What’s a talented woman to do when she feels torn between staying and leaving? What’s her organization to do to make sure she stays?”

Retaining Women in STEAM and why coaching matters:


“It is well known that the gender gap in tech is particularly embarrassing. With a depressing 4:1 ratio of men to women in tech, recorded by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, it is no surprise that positions of leadership in the industry are skewed in favour of men. In fact, women hold only 11% of senior positions in Silicon Valley’s tech companies, and the figures for BAME women are even more worrying…”