You know that it’s totally possible to learn to code for free? No really it is!

Here are the top 5 resources that kept appearing on my online search :

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is the perfect place for aspiring coders to start learning. This included interactive projects and quizzes that let you get the hands-on experience you need to really grasp the concepts you’re being taught. There are separate courses for each topic: you might start out with Make a Website or Learn HTML & CSS, and progress to JavaScript, SQL, and more. Codecademy also provides forums for discussion, programming language glossaries, and blog posts and articles to help you as you learn.

2. Free Code Camp

At Free Code Camp, you’ll learn powerful skills while (eventually) building real-world projects for nonprofit organizations. It’s an open-source community that provides hundreds (well, thousands) coding challenges, projects, certificates, and connections for aspiring coders–and it’s not a boot camp, so you learn at your own pace. It’s all free, and through it you can even get connected to other up-and-coming coders in your city.

3. Codewars

Programming meets martial arts at Codewars, a coding “dojo” where you’ll practice “kata” challenges to sharpen your skills. As you progress through the ranks, you’ll be faced with more complex challenges, and have the chance to discuss your solutions with others in the community. Eventually, you can even create your own kata and challenge others to solve them.

4. edX

Learn from the best (like MIT and Harvard) through this open-source higher education community. You’ll find a wide range of computer science courses, and unlike with traditional college, you can learn at your own pace. Note that while the courses themselves are free, you must pay if you’d like a verified certificate (price varies from course to course but is typically $50-$90). When you’re ready to level up even more, edX also features unique “MicroMasters” programs consisting of a series of graduate-level courses that will definitely impress employers.

5. MIT OpenCourseware

This education platform essentially allows you to attend MIT for free. Their online library includes every topic taught at the school; computer science courses can be found under the School of Engineering (grouped together with electrical engineering). Going through this material will require lots of discipline, since the homework, tests, etc. will all need to be self-administered and self-graded. Still, they’re impressive courses to have under your belt.

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