Resolutions are a joke. After a few days, it is human nature to give them up and think about tomorrow, the next day, next year!

Is this you? – You started 2021 with good intentions. You set-out to achieve your resolutions but, by mid-January you gave up and just threw the towel in. Oh dear…

You are frustrated at yourself that yet again you haven’t achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.

That demon of self-sabotage creeps in, telling you, you can’t and one slip-up smacks you in the face. Ouch!

I get it. You bury your head in the sand – but where does that get you?

I know, it’s difficult to make a drastic change to your already embedded daily routines. 

However, that’s where the Transformational Goal can help you succeed — by establishing your true goal, breaking down your larger goal into smaller, more manageable steps then creating actions to propel you forward that you can implement over a longer time period until your goal is slowly achieved, embedded and you are transformed. 

A goal unlike any other…

Creating a Transformational goal is completely different to the Transactional goals we have seen in business such as S.M.A.R.T. 

Transformational IS NOT Transactional. 

Transformational is your affirmation and mantra for your life…

Welcome to the wheel of life

… and a better 2022

Now for the goal

Once you have completed that exercise answers the following questions:

What do you need to work on? What are you happy with? What needs to sustain? What can’t? Where do you see yourself in a years time? What can you see? Hear? Feel?

CREATE YOUR GOAL: Reflecting on your wheel and the answers to the above questions, create your 2022 mantra.


Once you have your goal your home actions are: 

Create milestones. These are your key themes to achieve your goal. 

Create actions to those milestones. These are the activities you need to achieve the themes (hint put markers in place for success) thus achieving your goal. 

Get an accountability partner to share your goal with and your actions 

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022.