The language you use can really set you apart from the other candidates. I am not suggesting you swallow a directory and start using vocabulary that is out of your comfort zone.  

However, do consider both the words and phrases used in the job spec. For example, one of the requirements of role is to: “coach a team of 4 analysts” – so when answering your question about your management style or managing a team, you would want to answer with leadership and coaching language (e.g. I would asked them what they thought needed to be done…) opposed to harsher management language (e.g. I told them what needed to be done).  

Hint: if there is a word in the job spec you don’t know, google it!  

Being able to articulate your answers with leadership language, is a powerful tool and will also give the interviewer an insight into your communication style and skills.  When you look to shape your answers, embody the following attributes: 

  • Be clear when answering. People seek certainty and clarity.  
  • Use positive, future-oriented language. 
  • Use vision in your answers.
  • Speak with Courage.
  • Show Integrity and empathy.

Leaderships words to consider:

  • Achieved
  • Determined
  • Observe
  • Improved
  • Implemented
  • Advised
  • Coached
  • Simplified
  • Effected
  • Provided
  • Generated
  • Detailed
  • Validated
  • Established
  • Drive
  • Listened
  • Supported
  • Modelled
  • Calculated
  • Praised