Thank you for putting up with the last 3 weeks of rambling episodes but the good news is, I have now secured amazing guests where we will be covering topics from earning 6 figures to being brave in asking for a new role at work.

For the next 6 to 8 weeks, I will be mentioning that each episode is sponsored by a survey I have put out:

I am looking to understand the current gaps when it comes to female leadership development. I will be using this data for the following 3 areas: 

  1. Writing content on the subject of Female Leadership. 
  2. Writing to the UK government with a proposal. 
  3. Creating a potential programme for developing future female leaders. 

This survey is anonymous, thus I will not see any of your GDPR data. However, at the end of the survey, I ask if you would like to be contacted – where you might be invited to a forum to discuss this topic further. All I ask for is your first name and email address. You can opt out of being contacted by me at any time, just email me back with ‘OPT OUT’. 

Don’t forget you can find me on IG @thelucygrimwade and @talkfemalefriday and LinkedIn:

Talk Female with you next Friday!