In this episode, I am welcoming back Charlotte Picker to the podcast – as we dive into redundancy from sharing our experiences to sharing resources. On a personal note, everyday I see another post from another person who is sharing their redundancy story. I hope that this episode can be used as a fact finding episode and know, you are not alone.


Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn and here is a link to her fabulous post, if you wanted to use it as a template.

If you have found yourself in a situation where you have been made redundant, here is a sort-of-a-template for you to use, so you can ensure you receive what you are owed:

  1. If you don’t understand something on your letter, ask your HR representative or line manager.
  2. Ask about any holiday accrued, with that be included in your redundancy package?
  3. Ask about your benefits, shares, equity – what happens next?
  4. Use your network. Reach out, share your story.

Thank you Charlotte, for this insightful episode.

Talk female with you next Friday.