Hi, I’m Lucy ➡ 

Executive Leadership & Career Coach 


I established my business – a global, Executive Leadership and Career Coaching Practice in 2018. This was after following my own journey with career challenges as a middle-to-senior manager as well as overcoming blockers and barriers that held me back. A flavour of everything I learned and gained in my corporate career and the educational journey I embarked on. My Coaching Practice represents my ambition and values in life: empowering and enriching females in their professional development, amplifying potential, driving for equality and changing the face of leadership.


Career History and Credentials

Throughout my career, I have worked in a male dominated field. At times, I wasn’t taken seriously. Then experienced Imposter Syndrome. Yet, I have successfully navigated the career ladder where I became an authentic leader in my corporate life.

I understand how the imprinted beliefs you hold and the environments you work in, can trigger behaviour that may hold you back and halt your progression.

Stepping into the corporate world after leaving university, I have had the opportunity to work in leading industries which includes high-end retail and banking. With a degree in Information Technology, I started my career as a Junior Service Desk Analyst and then worked my way up into a Mid-Senior Management role in Service Delivery and Change Management. My career gave me experience in managing strategies, global teams and coaching. Additionally, I have been the founder and lead of internal Women in Tech groups, supporting female team members to thrive – whilst aligning objectives and actions to the wider organisational goals.

Being a woman in tech, I have been the only female in the room. The pink dress, in the ocean of grey suits. I have presented to large and global groups, without prior notice. And, as cliché as this is – talked over and ignored in meetings.

So, you see, I know what it is like to grow and progress, along with, overcoming obstacles as you build your career. I also know how it feels to aspire to step up to the next level but also, not being too sure on how to put one foot in front of the other.

To add to my corporate background and to what I believe is key, ethical and professional – I am currently undertaking a Professional Coaching Diploma with Full Circle Global. Specialising in Career Development, Full Circle Global are approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a training provider.

With this qualification, I became a member of the ICF Gold Standard Coaching Body, where I am working towards gaining ACC level accreditation.

In addition, I also have a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Coaching qualification accredited by NLP Association of Excellence. Additionally, I have a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) diploma which was awarded by Renaissance Therapy.

A book-worm at heart, I read a lot around coaching, emotional intelligence and psychology. This adds to my learning journey and growth as a coach and as a human being. 

I am also fully insured with Tower Gate. And I have regular supervision and training so I can provide the best service to my clients. 

Coaching Approach


As an approachable individual, I create a safe space for my clients where I encourage openness and creative-thinking in each session. I have been told that I am charismatic and altruistic as well as referred to as kind, reliable and a great listener.

I like to ‘coach from the gut’ and like to adapt to each situation and client. Thus, I tend not to follow a particular programme but pull from training, experience and knowledge.

Personal Info

When I was a little girl, I was referred to as an aspiring entrepreneur who will help others. As I approached my late teens and early twenties, I became a self-development queen. Any course I could go on, I signed up for it. From IT qualifications to personal development HR led courses… there would be no-doubt that I was there, front row, pen ready.

 My life has had many twists and turns, I had a long battle with depression which once upon-a-time held me back. I have worked extremely hard on my mental health and continue to do so. Self-care is a key factor to what makes me, me. I love sharing my mental health tips and tricks and often share this knowledge in coaching sessions and on my social media platforms.

I live in the United Kingdom in Marlow with my Partner Matt and our puppy Cavapoo. Although, we do dream of moving to New York one day.  I love Italian food, Prosecco, Netflix Documentaries, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and DOGS!

When I was 21, I was given a little wooden heart that said “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail. What would you try to achieve?” … What would your answer be?