hi, i'm lucy grimade

hi, i'm lucy grimade

My favourite quote is by Wilma Rudolph: “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

With 15+ years experience working in a male dominated field, I know that finding your potential for greatness can be stifled by imposter syndrome. Ambition sucked out by the vibe vampires. And being pigeonholed down a path, you just want to escape from. 

I’ve been there. That’s why I strive towards building a better understanding of the term ‘Women in Tech’ and support women in their careers by being a changemaker and a coach. 

who i am and what i stand for

My mission is...

 To positively impact and inspire others to be the difference.

my vision is that...

I am changemaker and coach for Women in Tech, who are not in technical roles. Showing the world that being a Woman in Tech does not mean that you have to be technical. I support women in their tech careers with coaching, so they can see themselves in the right roles and be the ‘difference’ in the industry. Additional I also write articles for online and print magazines, lead coaching workshops and can be hired as a speaker for your events and workshops.

I also work for Virgin Media O2, where I like think of myself as a strategist where I bring the value of Continuous Improvements by implementing sustainable change across technical and customer facing services and process. I ensure that the key processes are streamlined and fit for purpose so teams can be: efficient, effective, and productive. Whilst reducing costs, increasing revenue, and delivering a world class customer experience.



My values are...
  1. Direct: Don’t mince your words. 
  2. Compassion: Showing that you care. 
  3. Equity: Advocate for justice and fairness. 
  4. Credibility: I’m hater for fraudsters. 
  5. Gratitude: I am so thankful for what I have. The readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
  6. Collaboration: Powerful alone, unstoppable together.
  7. Mindfulness / Intuition: Trusting my gut. 
  8. Courage: Bravery at it’s finest. 
  9. Creativity: Space to be different. 
  10. Flexibility: Adaptable in the moment. 
my strengths are...

Gallup CliftonStrength Finder Results: 

  • Activator – Be the catalyst. When others are stuck, make a decision and get going.
  • Significance – Look for opportunities to do important work where you can help others raise the bar.
  • Includer – Stretch the circle wider. Find ways to get more people involved.
  • Individualization – Appreciate the uniqueness in each person you meet.
  • Relator – Connect deeply with the right people to gain friends for life.
  • Responsibility – Take ownership for the things that matter most to you.
  • Command – Be ready to take charge when others waver.
  • WOO – Spend time every day interacting with people.
  • Adaptability – React immediately, and be a positive force for change.
  • Ideation – Refine your creativity to inspire and energize yourself and others


career history and qualifications

I understand how the imprinted beliefs you hold and the environments you work in, can trigger behaviour that may hold you back and halt your progression.

Stepping into the corporate world after leaving university, I have had the opportunity to work in leading industries which includes high-end retail and banking. With a degree in Computing BSc, I started my career as a Junior Service Desk Analyst. At the age of 21, I was running a team of 20 male analysts. Then I worked my way up into a leadership role in Service Delivery and Continuous Improvement. My career has allowed me experiences in managing strategies, global teams and coaching. Additionally, I have been the founder and lead of internal female focused groups, supporting female team members to thrive – whilst aligning objectives and actions to the wider organisational goals.

Being a woman in tech, I have been the only female in the room. The pink dress, in the ocean of grey suits. I have presented to large and global groups, without prior notice. And, as cliché as this is – talked over and ignored in meetings.


BSc Computing (Hons)

Coaching Qualifications and Journey

To add to my corporate background and to what I believe is key, ethical and professional – I have a Professional Coaching Diploma ACTP with Full Circle Global. Specializing in Leadership & Career Development. Full Circle Global are approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a training provider.

With this qualification, I became a member of the ICF Gold Standard Coaching Body, where I am also an ACC level accredited coach.

In addition, I also have a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Coaching qualification accredited by NLP Association of Excellence. Additionally, I have a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) diploma which was awarded by Renaissance Therapy.

Tech Specific Qualifications
  • ITIL Foundation
  • ITIL Service Design 
  • ITIL Service Transition
  • LEAN
  • Project Management 

on a personal note 

My life has had many twists and turns, I had a long battle with depression which was caused by a childhood trauma. Once upon-a-time this held me back. I have worked extremely hard on myself, my personal branding and my mental health. I believe I survived the hard times so I can help others be the powerful, strong and resilient. 

I live in the United Kingdom in Marlow with my Partner Matt and our puppy Cavapoo, Buddy. Although, we do dream of moving to New York one day. I love Italian food, Champagne, Netflix Documentaries, Fashion (favourite brands are Maje, Stella and Kate Spade), Beauty (loving Elemis at the moment) and, with atrue wanderlust heart, I love to Travel. 

I established my business – a global Coaching Practice in 2018. This was after following my own journey with career challenges as a senior female IT manager as well as overcoming blockers and barriers that held me back.

A flavour of everything I learned and gained in my corporate career and the educational journey I embarked on my Coaching Practice represents my ambition and values in life:

Empowering women to be a visionary as well as authentic.

Leading with game-changing conversations, which are conversations with purpose.

Embracing challenges and being courageous.

Striving to defy outdated views.