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Authentic Consistent Empowering Personal Brand with Lucy Grimwade.


Together, we will uncover your true personal brand, reveal your goals and create an authentic, consistent and empowering personal, powerful, purposeful brand!

The programme is designed to help you uncover your overarching personal brand and image! The aim is to get the big-picture clarity on who you truly are and where you would like to be, so we can build a strong and powerful ACE Personal Brand.

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The Programme Built Exactly To Your Personal Brand Needs

What is a Personal Brand?

It’s your reputation. Each interaction you have with others has the opportunity to create a memorable experience, teaching them what they can expect from you. When you’re consistent in delivering those experiences, you build a strong reputation. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently across a wide audience
helps open doors to opportunities. Your brand becomes your personal calling card—a unique promise of value; a distinct and authentic representation of you. In building
your personal brand, you will define your individuality, maximise your strengths and
manage your choices now to create future opportunities.

What's included

We Can Do It All. You can have a authentic, consistent and empowering personal brand.

who you are

where you are going

elevator pitch




leadership language

goal getting

ACE Personal Brand programme

Oh, What We  Will Achieve In Just 6 Weeks

The programme spans across 6 weeks that is flexible around your busy day to day schedule. 

Here is what is included:

  • Workbook
  • Access to a membership hub
  • 3 months support after the programme
  • Life-time discount on future coaching and group coaching programmes. 

Week one

Getting to know you! This includes personality type, hobbies, interests and dreams.


Week two

Getting to know your career! Exploring your strength, aspirations and education..

Week three

Exploring themes and creating an elevator pitch.

week five

Putting your personal brand into practice & becoming the go-to person.

Week Four

Creating and cultivating your image to align with your inner personal brand. 

Week six

Consistency and sustainability. 

From the blog

Create Opportunities With A Personal Brand

Do you want to create opportunities with a personal brand?

A personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

It is also the grativas you have when you enter that same room.

It is more than the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception. Personal branding is positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. It elevating your credibility. It is how you are differentiating yourself from the colleague next to you. All this to ultimately advance your career, network, making a larger impact to your industry and creating your own opportunities.

Your personal brand should be about being authentic, showing up consistently and empowering yourself and others.

Believe it or not, but you already have a personal brand (of sorts) which you have been building overtime. Take a look at your feedback from PDPs over the years, what do you notice? Both good and bad.


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