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You are at a stage in your career where you feel ready to step up and take more control. However, something is holding you back. But you are not too sure what it is. The dragon of Imposter Syndrome breathes fire over your ambition, telling you, you can’t, you’re a fraud and <insert self-doubt talk here>.

The truth is, you spend most of your life working. So, don’t you deserve to be in a career that fulfils your values, abilities and aspirations?Have a mindset that propels you, instead of hinders you? Being unhappy, unfulfilled and underpaid in your career will over time manifest itself into something pretty ugly.  It will start to impact other aspects of your life, from your relationships to your mental wellbeing to the ability to step up in other areas, such as travel and buying a house.

I get it. You bury your head in the sand and hope for the best. But where does that get you?

That is where I come in.

Together we will work on building confidence, harnessing resilience, creating a personal branding and developing a growth mindset AND of course that all-important career plan. Each programme is personalised to you, so you can achieve your desired outcome.

My career coaching programmes work across a three-phased methodology:

Discover & Establish

Before our first session, I will send over a short questionnaire to drive self-discovery. This will be an aid to uncover your career aspirations as well as self-development areas that you would like to work on. We will go through your answers, work on establishing your values and draw out a clear vision.

Build & Learn

With your aspirations in mind, we can explore and identify your blockers and develop new approaches to remove limiting beliefs. You will develop a growth mindset to enable you to progress and step up in your career.  Your aspirations will turn into clear and concise career goals.

(Between each session there will be activities for you to complete which are optional).

Implement & Sustain

Together, we will set ambitious and achievable goals in a bespoke career plan. You will end your programme not only ready to level up, but also able to: Lead with authenticity and drive,  Feel and be more confident, Master the power of your personal brand and comeback stronger after set-backs.

Imagine your future self

You decided to stay where you are. You chose security and comfort over challenges and adventure. Perhaps you see your colleagues and your friends climb the career ladder. They are content, fulfilled, paid adequately and have a fantastic LinkedIn page.

You, well you are still in your mediocre role.

Still underpaid, underutilised and underappreciated.

Is that the future you hope for?

Didn’t think so. 

Take your seat at the table

Before we start – we will have an initial free 30 minute video call to establish chemistry, discuss any challenges you are facing and of course, your understanding of career coaching.

After our call I will send over a proposal which takes form as a contract. This document will include time-frames, costs and contact details. 

Are you asking yourself – “Is career coaching with Lucy right for me?”


Yes – Do you want to meet your full earning potential?

Yes – Want to be in a career you love? 

Yes – Do you have capacity and a keen attitude towards the tasks between each session?

Yes – Do you want build confidence?

Yes– Do you want to harness resilience?

Yes – Do you want to build a personal brand?

Why work with me?

Why work with me?

Lucy Grimwade

Career & Mindset Coaching, to me, is about empowering professionals to progress and grow.

As your Coach:

  • I look and focus on the current situation and create action goals to help you move forward.
  • I will assess where you are and encourage and challenge you.
  • Together, we will define outcomes, results and accomplishments.
  • I will never tell you what to do, but will support you through decision making, and give you the time and space to talk about how you’re feelings and establishing your goals.

The aim of Career & Mindset Coaching is to help you understand what you want, the skills you need and how you can develop. As your career coach, I will support you in making these initial step.

 So, come along with an open mind, accountability, commitment and drive. I will be setting tasks for you between each career coaching session and I may ask you to provide 360 feedback from colleagues and friends. As with all things, the more effort and time you can put in, the greater the results!

Your Investment

The Career & Mindset Coaching programmes are designed around you. They are accessible, flexible and affordable. I’ve made sure of that.

Career & Mindset Coaching with me provides you with the dedicated time, space and effort to sit with a ‘neutral’ someone and your aspirations, analysing and working together to really define your Career & Mindset steps and creating an action plan to help you achieve them.

Clients have gained direction, focus, and confidence from working with me, leaving them less overwhelmed and confused about the future of their career. By exploring your values, personality, drivers and strengths, you can move forward with your career armed with tools and techniques to continue to thrive.

The starting fees, take into account my breath of knowledge and experience, coaching qualifications as well as the incredible value and life-long benefits that coaching provides. Coaching sessions are not a quick fix but an investment of time, commitment, energy, and accountability towards your future, and how it turns out.

  • First coaching session is 2 hours
  • Remaining sessions are between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Each session is tailored around you*
  • Sessions can be via phone call, video call or face to face
  • Discount applied on paying upfront for all sessions
  • Cancel at anytime (there are no strings attached).

Signing up to Career & Mindset Coaching with me is your first step in taking charge of your future, and carving out a happy, fulfilling, and successful career.

Let’s change the face of leadership together!

(*Typically clients have around 4 to 6 sessions bi-weekly, no longer than a month between sessions. We will discuss what suits you and what your over-arching goal)


Contact me via email 

This is a lot of content on this page and I am sure you have a few questions. If you are ready to feel like the lovely the lady in the picture on the right –  send me an email with your questions and thoughts and I will get straight back to you – I typically reply within 2 days. 

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