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Frequently Asked

What is Career Coaching?

The aim of career coaching is to help you understand what you want, the skills you need and how you can develop. As your career coach, I will support you in making these initial steps…

What do I need?

So, come along with an open mind, accountability, commitment and drive. I will be setting tasks for you between each career coaching session and I may ask you to provide 360 feedback from colleagues and friends. As with all things, the more effort and time you can put in, the greater the results!

Is it right for me?
  • Yes – Do you want to meet your full earning potential?
  • Yes – Do you aspire to step into a leadership role?
  • Yes – Do you have capacity and a keen attitude towards the tasks between each session?
  • Yes – Do you want build confidence?
  • Yes– Harness resilience?
  • Yes – Build a personal brand?
How much does it cost?

My prices are competitive. 

Career guide

Get your FREE level up in your career guide! Here is what is included: 

→ Build Confidence 

→ Self-Coach 

→ Leadership Language 

→ Find Your Values

→ Personal Branding