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CV Surgery & Interview Guide

The truth is, writing a CV is an art form. It can take many, many, many attempts before you have a coherent document, that recruiters run through a system to pick out key words before passing it on to the hiring manager. 

But once you have mastered your CV, wow! The sense of achievement feels fantastic! And this document will get you through the rest of your career.  

It is always difficult to know where to start, so welcome to the CV Surgery here you learn how to tackle and create your CV, Cover Letter & Ace the interview… which will last you a life-time. 

You can opt in for either a group session or 1-2-1 coaching session, it really depends what you need! 

Once you have completed the session you graduate with more than skills to ace a CV, but also receive an Interview Guide which will help you ace your next level interview! 


CV Coaching 1-2-1

Perhaps you want to be more specific and urgently need a decent CV to apply to your dream job. 1-2-1 CV coaching includes:


  • Video call
  • 15 minute briefing before coaching session
  • 2 hours +
  • £100
  • Date and time to suit you
  • CV Template
  • Cover Letter Template 
  • At the end of the session, you would have built a CV & Cover Letter
  • CV review by me once you have made any changes

To book your session, email to arrange your 15 minute briefing.