About Speak Female

Speak Female Podcast is on a mission to empower, enrich and educate women and allies around the world by discussing female related topics unapologetically. 

Speak Female means changing the meaning around words, phrases and stereotypes that have a negative association towards women. It is all about how we can and will edit the narrative to build a valued community with a goal to see a diverse and balanced world.

Season 2

This second season is all about – Female Empowerment & Leadership so at the end of each episode I will be reading out a quote that has been selected by my guest!

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Top rated episode: Interview with Samantha Harman

Season 1

In November 2020, Speak Female Podcast was born.

With the mission of empowering women around the world to become more confident and to listen to real subjects they can relate to. A podcast for ambitious, career driven women. From Interviews with amazing individuals on career, self-care, self-discovery and leadership to self-career coaching sessions, leadership language and why we all need to SPEAK FEMALE!

In every other episode I interview an inspirational individual around an array of subjects from financial independence, being an entrepreneur and women in tech to transitioning career, female empowerment and mental health.

In between the interviews, you find 5 to 10 minute recordings, where I will take you through a different subject, coaching and mentoring you on the way. Each topic is supported with suggestions and advice.

Meet The Host

Lucy Grimwade

Lucy Grimwade

Stepping into the corporate world after leaving university, I have had the opportunity to work in leading industries which includes high-end retail and banking. With a degree in Information Technology, I started my career as a Junior Service Desk Analyst and then worked my way up into a Mid-Senior Management role in Service Delivery and Change Management. My career gave me experience in managing strategies, global teams and coaching. Additionally, I have been the founder and lead of internal Women in Tech groups, supporting female team members to thrive – whilst aligning objectives and actions to the wider organisational goals.

Being a woman in tech, I have been the only female in the room. The pink dress, in the ocean of grey suits. I have presented to large and global groups, without prior notice. And, as cliché as this is – talked over and ignored in meeting

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