Lucy has been supporting me virtually on a one to one basis, coaching me through some recent big changes in my work and personal life. After every session I have ended the call feeling massively less stressed and way more organised, inspired and motivated. Lucy is so easy to speak to, she is extremely empathetic and very knowledgeable. Her tone is very calming and reassuring, she has a natural ability to make everything feel more positive. I can’t recommend Lucy enough if your looking for any kind of support or guidance in your personal life or career.

Abi Douglas

Recruitment and Business Development

Lucy and I worked together and she supported me by helping me understand my career goals and help me write a strutured CV. Lucy is passionate about helping people achieve the best version of themselves.

Tanya Fahey

Product Owner

It’s been pleasure to work with Lucy. I am so grateful for her passion and insights. When we started working together I was frustrated with making decisions around my next steps to boost my business and make my work process dynamic. During our sessions we determined my business values and how they can work for me, integrated a new way of working and opened up my potential as a business owner. Most importantly our sessions helped me attract new projects, to be stronger and fearless in achieving my goals. I highly recommend Lucy as a coach for anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.


Interior Designer , Anna K Studio

Lucy has enabled me to discover a few key learnings about myself that I kept hidden in my subconscious for years.  Like finding the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, I can now work on completing my life puzzle!  Was sceptical that I could find a root cause to some of my actions and reactions, but Lucy has helped me get there and I feel so grateful for guiding me to make sense of some of the noise in my head.

Kim Gowing

Director , EXchange Consulting

Lucy’s coaching style is both supportive and motivational. I felt listened to and safe to express what I needed and she helped me to see things and set a way forward. I’m excited to see where I go from here!
Katie Knight

L&D Manager and Accredited Coach

Authentic, inspiring and motivational are just some of the qualities that spring to mind when I think about Lucy’s attributes as a coach. During our coaching sessions Lucy has used empathy and insight to help clarify my thinking and equip me with the skills and confidence to bring about the changes I want for myself. I would highly recommend Lucy’s professional services to anyone who is looking to develop within their professional and personal life.

Rachel Jolly

Higher Education Careers

I can’t thank Lucy enough, her tips, advice and knowledge have helped me so much with my recent work, she really gets what it is like to work in an environment which is often dominated by men with few women in leadership roles. After a few years when my career was a bit flat, she really helped me to have the confidence to go after my own goals. I can say her advice is really paying off for me. I would recommend her to anyone considering a careers coach.

Sharon Curtis

Project Manager

I really enjoyed working with Lucy! I was initially introduced through a friend and had never thought of doing careers counselling myself but I’m so glad I did. I feel like from only a few sessions I’ve been opened up to a wider and more positive outlook on dealing with and directing my career in the right direction and beginning to acknowledge and tackle some of the blockages I experience. Lucy was more than welcoming and easy to talk to, I look forward to continuing the journey!

Nat Holley

Video Editor, Freelance Video Editor

I recently returned from working abroad and I felt stuck, unsure of what to do with my life and at a bit of a crossroads. I was introduced to Lucy and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Lucy is very warm and easy to open up and talk to. I’m still working on things, starting to discover who I am, my personal brand and what I want to achieve by setting goals but Lucy has helped open my eyes to possibilities and helped increase my confidence. Thanks Lucy!

Sophie McDougal

Account Manager/CRM, FT