welcome to women in tech power moves

with me, lucy grimwade. 

This channel provides: interviews with Women in Tech as well as me sharing my own career journey: stories of working on a service desk, career progression, challenges and her own power moves.

Being a Woman in Tech doesn’t mean that we are always sitting in front of a screen all day and coding. – I just don’t have that skill set (or the patience). 👩🏻‍🏫 There is often a misconception that people, women and men, who work in tech can code, wire up a PC and fix dishwashers (seriously, I have been asked this).

Where actually being in tech can be all of the above as well as being all about people, business, strategy, improvements, profit, projects and acronyms.

This visual podcast/youtube channel demystifies WiT terms to shine a light on how we can change the face of leadership in Tech.

Tune in each week!